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Rohtak Street Design

This redevelopment project centers around 3 streetscapes in Rohtak, namely Quilla road, Sector 14, and Medical road. These 3 streets can be located along the Delhi road. Reimagining these roads to be safe, effortlessly mobile, organised and resilient is our central aim and objective. Spacious pathways for pedestrians, bright illumiation, effective and ample street furniture, as well as generous green spaces are a few of the elements we have intentionally incorporated to achieve our goals of a healthy and optimally functional streetscape.

This brings us to our first street; Quilla road. Quilla road is a 300m long market street. This busy bustling street is home to many shops that have long since established their permanence in this marketspace. However, the existing conditions are overextended, unsafe, and disorganised. In light of these existing conditions we introduced important design aspects that are tailored to the needs of this road, a few of them are designated hawking areas and additional spill over spaces, restriction of vehicular movement to create safe walkways, and dynamic street furniture. Next we have Sector 14 Road Sector 14 road is a 450m long street. This calm residential lane experiences less vehicular traffic. however, there is are a few issues observed, namely; broken / irregular footpaths, inadequate lighting, and underutilised spaces. As a result, we have introduced key design aspects like Raised pedestrian crossings with universally accessible pathways, Adequate lighting, CCTV’s, safe crossings, and plazas to upgrade the underutilised spaces.

This brings us to our final streetscape: Medical Road. Medical Road is a 950m road. This busy and vibrant street is an important connector. The wide streets allow for easy transformation. Nevertheless, there is a lack of pedestrian pathways, proper parking, speed calming measures, and universal accessibility. So we have introduced just that and more in our design approach. Apart from the classic features, we have provided safe crossings, linear parks, a cycle track, gathering spaces for the community and transformed this hectic street to an avenue exp