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Sabari Aangan

  • Project: Residential and commercial.
  • Client: Mijit Builders.
  • Location: Plot no. 222, 11th road, Chembur, Mumbai, 400071
  • Area Statement:
  • Area of plot : 888.94 sqm (9568.55 sqft)
  • Design Team:
    Ar. Anil Nagrath
    Ar Prachi Jamnerkar
    Ar. Lata Gajakosh
    Ar. Sunita Dalvi

Sabari Aangan is a complex with both commercial and residential units, they have been separated for privacy, and optimal functionality. We observe an overall minimalistic color palette, along with a thick band wrapping around the building which doubles as a chajja as well as an ornamental projection. Along the front centre of the building we have a custom pattered opening which helps ventilate the duct. The commercial unit facade features reflective glass, with a black colored frame, this contrasts the light facade and adds definition and character