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Tiny Library

Tiny Library is set in a small village called Khandsai, 12 KM off the Khopoli – Pali road in western Maharashtra, India in a warm humid climate.


A learning environment that is:

  • Open & Inviting
  • Engages the visitors with variety of activities
  • Informs – local, national & world issue
  • Enhances skills
  • Educates in various subjects
  • Empowers for self & village development



  • Reading Newspaper, periodicals, books
  • Listening to lectures, discourse, Singing and Music – both live and recorded
  • Discussion among social, cultural, educational groups
  • Story telling for children & Adults
  • Educational toys & models
  • Audio Visual learning through computers
  • Film screening for enhancing skills & knowledge
  • Demonstration of techniques & strategies for local development


  • Random Rubble base Walls
  •  MS tube structure
  •  Panel walls of Bricks
  •  Timber Frames, Bamboo Panels for louvers
  •  GI roofing with radiant barrier on underside topped with Mangalore tiles.
  • Slab with Cuduppa (local) Stone supported over MS tubes placed 600mm c/c
  • Shahbad(Local) Stone Flooring




– Use of efficient, locally available materials.


– Climatic comfort with adequate daylight


   & air movement.


– Meter wide roof overhangs.


– Use of solar panels for power requirements.


– Water collection, waste water & solid waste


           treatment and reuse/recycle.